The Seafarer Bar Highlands, NJ | Amy & Kurt



Amy and Kurt’s Seafarer Bar wedding in Highlands, NJ was such a great beach inspired wedding. When Amy and Kurt told us they would be having thier wedding at an intimate little outdoor space in New Jersey, we had no idea what we would find. The Seafarer Bar was just an incredibly cute venue that made you almost feel like you had your own private beach. The small outdoor bar has sand all around it, and stunning views of the ocean.

There is always something so inspiring about the ocean for us. Maybe, it is because we don’t live anywhere near one or perhaps it is just because it’s beautiful. Whatever the reason, we love to play with the light and the water whenever we get the opportunity, and this wedding totally gave us that. For this Seafarer Bar wedding we felt like we get the best of basically all worlds. The venue and the wedding size was intimate, but the scenery and the feeling was incredibly grand. The Seafarer isn’t a wedding venue per se, but with light and views like this we think it is only a matter of time before it is filled for weddings every weekend!

Florist - Zoe Fox Flowers | Venue - Seafarer Bar | DJ - DJ Salinger | Dress - BHLDN

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