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Steph & Joe

Location: Brantwyn Estate, DE


June 2019


We believe in those heart beating faster moments, those extra hard squeezes, and your love captured honestly.


Let’s be honest for a moment; we personally hate having our photo taken. Those photos with hard to hold smiles, awkward but pretty poses that say nothing about what our love actually is and how deep it flows. What we do love, are images crafted that genuinely represent all that we’ve been through, the depths of how much we love each other, and images that we will look at over and over again. Images that show just how in love you are in that moment and that will resonate with you 30 years later. We want to give this to you; not only beautiful images but images that really speak to the love you share and just how much you mean to each other.

We’ve devoted our hearts and souls to do precisely this. It is what drives our passion for photography, and why we love what we do so incredibly much. This is the gift that we would love so much to share with you, so you can see just how beautiful your love is; images not taken only for the present, but created for your future selves and loved ones to reminisce on. Your love no matter how it manifests itself is beautiful and deserves to be captured honestly and lovingly. That is why we are here for you and that is what we will give you.





How many weddings do you photograph per year?


We photograph between 25-30 weddings per year. For us, this is our sweet spot. This is the number of weddings that we feel confident in capturing and still making sure we give our couples all of our hearts when it comes to communications and putting our all into their images.



How long have you been doing this for?


We have been photographing weddings for ten years together. We’ve been so incredibly lucky to have photographed over 300 weddings which we feel makes us experts on not only documenting incredible moments but in helping each of our couples along the way. We think fast on our feet, and whenever an issue arises, we are prepared to take care of it asap so you can go back to living your best wedding life.



Where are you located?


We are located in Annville, PA. However, we LOVE traveling for weddings, elopements, and sessions. We've already been to Austria, New Zealand, California, Oregon, Iceland, and a few other places to capture some incredible love stories and we'd love to see more beautiful places and tell more incredible love stories in those spaces.





You're a husband and wife team, do you ever shoot separately?


NEVER! We are not only incredibly passionate about photography, weddings, and sessions; we are also incredibly passionate about each other! We see things differently, and we get inspired by different aspects of our couple's love and their wedding day, so we never split up to photograph weddings or sessions on our own. Even if we have two incredible couples inquire for the same day, trust us, it's happened. We know what we need to create the work we love, and it is being together that does that.







Our package includes Ryan & Jillian (Husband & Wife), and a collection of fully edited digital files in color and bw that includes the rights to the images, to tell your wedding day story.

Starting at $4,500



Let the adventure begin! Our package includes Ryan & Jillian (Husband & Wife) and a collection of fully edited digital files, including the rights to the images, to tell your love story.

Starting at $2,000



Our package includes Ryan & Jillian (Husband & Wife), a 2-hour portrait session, with a collection of fully edited digital files, including the rights to the images, to tell your love story.

Starting at $750





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