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We always love photographing the amazing floral art of Splints & Daisies. If you follow our work at all then you know just how much we love working with Tara from Splints and Daisies. Sometimes, you find that person who just gets you. Artistically this is how it is for us with Tara. She creates epic beautiful dark floral art and we try to capture it in an epic and beautiful dark way. See, it’s perfect!

We always feel so fortunate that we were able to meet and begin working with Tara. If you are in the creative field, find that person who you can come to with an idea and they will only tell you, “heck yeah we can do that!” There will never be a feeling more liberating than telling someone you have a “weird” idea and watching someone help you bring that to life. As creatives it can be daunting to have all of these incredible ideas, but then being silenced by that voice inside that says, “you aren’t good enough” or that you begin to think your ideas are stupid. When you work creatively it can be so lonely, and you can feel like all you are doing is pushing a huge boulder up a hill. It doesn’t even matter how how successful you are or how successful you seem, there is always a boulder to move up the hill.

If there is one thing we have learned in all of our years in business it’s to keep pushing the boulder, and find people who inspire you to keep pushing!

Florals - Splints & Daisies | Styling - With Love & Embers

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