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“We must take adventures, in order to know where we truly belong.”

In August we had the amazing honor of going to Iceland and capturing a truly beautiful elopement for two of our good friends Elicia and Ronnie. What started out as kind of a joke ended up turning into an adventure for the truly wild at heart, and wild is exactly what Iceland is. We left a huge piece of our heart in that truly beautiful and amazing country. Iceland is a place that gives you the opportunity to just explore to your hearts trustiest desire, as much or as little as you wish. Only in our dreams did we think there was a place like this, a place where you can just pull over and walk for hours alone with your thoughts and your heart, but Iceland made that dream a reality. We traveled for days in our little mini-van camper. Whenever the spirit of adventure called us we ended up pulling over, parking, and leaving the camper van for hours without anyone around to bother us; we just got lost together in love and explored the vastness that this beautiful country had to offer. Iceland was a true dream and the stories and memories that we have from our travels will warm our hearts day in and day out.

Our photos are a combination of digital photography as well as 35mm and medium format film photography developed by Richard Photo Lab and Indie Film Lab.


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