A Dress Made of Flowers by Splints & Daisies


Floral Design Dress Made of Flowers

“The sun above; a stringless kite, her tendril fingers reach toward. Her eyes, like flowers, close at night and the moon is sad to be ignored” – Lang Leav

We have always been inspired by nature, by what Mother Nature truly provides us with day in and day out. The beauty that each new day holds, from the small moments to the most beautiful and ornate flowers that grow from seemingly nothing into something amazing. You can often find us visiting botanical gardens, arboretums, green houses, to be inspired, and to take a quiet moment in to relax, and just breathe which sometimes is a challenge in and of itself when you run your own business. So when thinking about what kind of shoot we’d like to create and be a part of we immediately thought it was an awesome idea, and we all set to work on bringing a dress made of flowers into reality. We were conceptualizing what we wanted everything to look like, and we constantly kept coming back to being inspired by Alexander McQueen. We wanted drama both with subject and with light. We found a park that was perfect, green, and would heighten the contrast with the bold colors of the dress.

Tara has such an amazing ability to use plants from every conceivable place. The bottom of the dress was spirea from her garden which gave the dress its wispy branching structure, she also used Russian sage to tie in the bits of purple. Ultimately we wanted a real dress that would flow on the ground and still be wearable. It was surreal to see a dress seeming to grow from the ground while we were shooting.

We were extremely inspired by the over the top couture runways of Parisian fashion shows, and by using organic accents and creating a dress that was a living piece of art we were able to create something truly special.

A dress made of flowers was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes and can be seen here.


Dress: Splints & Daisies | Hair & Makeup: Plum Salon and Spa | Model: Jazlyn Herr


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