Travel Log2013-2016

 Travel Elopement Photographer

It is so incredibly hard to believe that we only really started traveling and seeing our country and world 3 years ago. Never in a million years did we ever imagine to be living a life where what we do for a living would not only be something we love so incredibly much and are so passionate about but also gives us the ability to travel to so many amazing and beautiful locations. We forever feel so grateful for the life we live and for the couples that allow us to not only capture their love in the most intimate way possible but to be able to travel to so many stunning locations.

It has been hard to keep up with our blog this year, between our travels, buying our first home (yay adulting), adopting another little furry boy into our home and hearts, running our business, and just trying to be normal human beings we really put our blog on the back burner which will be changing next year. We decided we'd share our past three years of traveling with you in a single blog post. So please enjoy three years of travel, three years of our hearts and our souls, and three years of a lot of photos of Ryan standing in a lot of beautiful places ;) The locations we are showing in this post include Austria, Italy, Ireland, California, Arizona, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iceland, Maine, Hawaii, and more places that we are forgetting we're sure. Enjoy!