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A Gathering of Embers is a no bullshit gathering for photographers in all walks of their business. It is a space where all who attend can truly share their hearts openly and honestly, and receive help on some of their greatest struggles in their businesses and their creativity. We want everyone who joins us to show up with open hearts and minds, to come together as a group, and grow together. We aren't going to hold back any punches and we are going to be completely honest with everyone, there won't be sugar coating and we won't answer your questions with what we think you want to hear. This is flat out going to be our hearts laid bare for you and we will truly be showing you our souls. We believe that true growth can only happen in the light of honesty and openness, and that is what we want to provide for all who will be joining us. So, get ready to set your hearts on fire and to have two new love cats to cheer you on and help you succeed!


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Day 01

We truly believe that building a connection and getting to know each other will only help us help you. So why not do that over dinner? Come in for the first half day, get situated, grab a glass of wine, and get to know us and each other. This is a time to just relax, open up your heart and your mind, and to get ready for some great conversation.

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Day 02

This is the day where you mind will go wild and we will fill you up with so much inspiration and knowledge, that we've learned over the past 7 years in business, you'll want to run right out of the house and get straight to work. However, we hope you'll stay the full day ;)

We will start with breakfast and some much needed coffee and transition into a group chat where we will be covering the things each of you have filled out in the contact form below (don't worry we will not name names or who wrote what). We can all learn from each other and the struggles that you are facing others are facing as well, so talking about these things, as a group, will help form a dialogue that everyone can learn from.

We will break for lunch and get our nom on to get energized for great things to come!

The second half of the day will be a shoot! A time where you can play, shoot, create, and ask questions. We will be bringing in some incredibly talented friends, who we adore and truly respect, to give your eyes a feast and to inspire your heart. This shoot is just for you, our dear attendees, and we will be there to help with your questions and give you tips and tricks if you would like them. We might shoot a tiny bit, but really we want to help each of you push over any shooting hurdles or creative blocks you might be facing.

We also will be having the incredibly talented Diana from ONLO talk to you all as a group about working with other creatives in the industry. She is going to give you some amazing tips and advice on collaborations with your favorite industry creatives. Sure to help drive your shoots to another level once you are back from our gathering.

We will end this night with some dinner, and more conversation as we enjoy each other's company and grow together as a group.

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Day 03

The final day is where we will send you off with breakfast, hugs, and a mind full of next business steps and ideas on how to push yourself, your creativity, and your business.

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Day 04 (optional)

This day is optional for those who really want to push themselves even further. For an additional cost, we will schedule out this day and give everyone who joins us a time slot. This time sot will be where we can really do a one on one and talk about whatever you specifically want. This is the time where we are offering individual portfolio and website reviews.

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What does a gATHERING OF EMBERS have to offer me?

We want to offer everyone who joins us the most open and honest space to talk about the ups, the downs, the struggles, and the successes of running a photography business. We are not going to sugar coat things, and we are not going to tell you the answers to questions that we think you want to hear. We are going to be straight forward with no bullshit and just honesty.  We are doing this because outside of photography, educating others is a true passion for us. We genuinely want to help and we truly want everyone to leave our gathering with a new lease on creativity and their businesses. So we will be covering the some of the big things that a lot of photographers ask us about working with couples, editing, capturing emotions, and so on but we are also coming in and customizing our gathering to the needs and wants of all who attend. All of those joining us will fill out the information form below and on the days of the gathering we will cover all of the things that you have expressed to us that you want and need to know. We are only opening up our gathering to 7 attendees, we want this to be an intimate setting where everyone can feel that they've gotten just as much attention and help as others. We do not want anyone to feel like they've lost their voice in the crowd. Being introverts this is something that happens to us a lot, we get shy, we clam up, and we just tuck ourselves in a corner sticking with what feels familiar. That is not what we want anyone who joins us to do, nor will you be able to. So, if you have an open heart, and come with a shitload of questions and are ready to grow, you are going to leave with a fire in your heart.


How many people can attend?

We are limiting the number of people who can join our gatherings. We truly want this time to be beneficial for all who join and we want everyone to have their time to ask questions and participate. We feel that this is in the best interest of all who are attending, and that having a smaller group size will help. We do not want anyone to feel lost in the crowd or like they are unable to join in on the conversations due to too many people. Our only goal is to help everyone who truly wants help. So only 7 people will be able to join in our gathering.


What if A Gathering of Embers fills up and I am unable to join this time?

If all of the spaces for A Gathering of Embers fill up please feel free to email [email protected] and let us know that you are interested in joining. If someone is unable to attend we will reach out to those who have expressed interest but were unable to sign up.

Also depending on the interest level we might even consider doing another gathering very shortly after the one in March, so please let us know :)


How much does A Gathering of Embers Cost?

A Gathering of Embers is an investment into your creative heart and a business that will thrive, to join us it will be $750.


How much does the additional fourth day cost?

The additional day will be $250, this gives you one-on-one time with us where we can truly talk about anything that your heart desires, nothing is off limits. Depending on how many people sign up we will split the time evenly between those who join us for this day. If you are the only one who signs us then you have us all to yourself for the entire day ;)


How do I join?

To join you simply pay the 50% non-refundable deposit and fill out our questionnaire below so we can get some more information about you. When you add the deposit, the remaining balance, or the additional day to your cart you can access your cart at the upper right hand side of our website. It is a little hidden but trust us it is there. The remaining balance for the gathering will be due one week prior March 26, 2018.


What if something happens last minute and I cannot join after paying the deposit and the remaining balance?

After all funds are paid they will be non-refundable. However, we understand that things happen and sometimes life gets in the way. If something would happen and you are unable to join, but able to find someone to take your place at our gathering, then we will happily refund you all of the money that you paid.


In the itinerary of the gathering I noticed that the topics you are covering aren't really laid out for us, why is that, and what topics will you be covering?

We are being incredibly intentional with this, for us we've found that in the past we work better with more of an open forum kind of gathering. We love when there is a question that sparks another question, and another, and so on. So, we are not laying out specifics on what we are talking about however, we are asking every attendee to share personal details about what they would like to learn and the struggles they are having so we can use these questions as a jumping point. We will work to cover all questions and struggles throughout our time together so everyone can leave with more clarity and insight. We will also be sharing what you each write in your form in an anonymous format because we can all truly learn from each other. There might be something that you are struggling with and that you might feel so alone in that someone else in the group is also struggling with, and this is for the good of the entire group so we can all learn and grow together.


Can you tell us more about the shoot?

The shoot is going to be put on by us just for you with collaborators Tara from Splints & Daisies and Diana from ONLO helping to make the shoot even better! This is a time that we wanted to give to our attendees as a creative space where you can shoot to your hearts content, push your creativity, and ask questions about how we shoot/work. We will not be shooting much during this time because we want to be there to help anyone who may want it, and again, this is just for you our attendees. We are also taking your input on what kind of a shoot you would like to see/have so we can better fit the needs of all who attend.

If enough attendees request to see how we shoot and have us walk you all through a shoot we will gladly do that and shoot during that time, and then guide you all in the time to shoot afterwards.


Will we be able to use the shoot on our social media and website?

YES!!! We do not think we can stress this enough, this shoot is truly, from the bottom of our hearts, just for you. You are more than welcome to share your images from the shoot right after you take them if you heart desires to do so. We want you to share your creative journey while you are with us and we want you to feel inspired and excited to share your newly created work.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

The space that we rented is big enough for all of us however it does have some bed restrictions. There will be beds available and really nice air mattress as well for those who are willing to sleep on them. We will need people to share rooms (but not sleep in the same bed hence the air mattresses). If you are joining us with a friend and are willing to share a bed please let us know, this will make life a little easier haha.


What if we have dietary restrictions?

On our information form we have an area for you to let us know what restrictions you might have. Don't worry we got you boo ;)


What if when I leave I have MORE questions or need help?

Just because our time at A Gathering of Embers has ended does not mean that we will never help you again. We are true believes that if you join our gathering once that you will always have us on your side to be your biggest supporters and love cats. There will always be an open invitation to all who have joined us to email us with questions or to give us a call. We truly only want to see you succeed and sometimes in the the moment, when a group is together, you forget to ask something or you run into another problem once you are home. We are hear to help and this will be more than just adding you to a Facebook group.


Why is it called A Gathering of Embers?

Whenever you have a gathering of embers it sparks a fire. With this same thought in mind we want a Gathering of Embers to truly spark a fire in all who join so each and every attendee can go home refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on their business and make it the best it can be!


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