Editing has been a massive journey for us over the years, and as we've grown our business and evolved as artists, our editing has evolved with us.

The evolution of our editing has been a struggle at times, trying to achieve tones we've always wanted in our images. Creating those deep dark blacks that do not consume our images but help accent them, as well as making sure that we have skin tones that are flattering to each of our couples. It felt like a trifecta of frustration at times as we would purchase preset after preset and feel disappointed that we never achieved the final result we were hoping for. Eventually, we found ourselves editing into the early hours of the morning, creating our own presets that achieved the look that has always inspired our hearts. The colors and blacks that we fell in love with when we'd admire dutch master paintings in art galleries. Which brings us to a few key presets that have helped us bring our images to life, telling the story of our couples and who we are as artists all in one.

Our presets are a representation of our journey and years of honing in our style. We are so excited to share the final result with you. Our presets are all about contrast and color, channeling the dutch masters and their use of black in their paintings into the images we create. Our presets aim to desaturate the colors slightly while adding a pop in the blacks, as well as balancing out intense colors like blue, green, and yellow. Which tend to be more prominent in the areas we shoot in the most. We photograph the majority of our weddings and sessions on the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region surrounded by woods, open fields, and in major metropolitan cities. These presets were created to work in all of these conditions seamlessly to create consistency in our images from one space to another.

Keep in mind that these are not one-click presets; they are more of a starting point for your vision. A resource that helps bring your vision even closer to life. To get the editing you've always dreamed of always starts in camera. Having the correct exposure according to your style, is crucial, and you can never expect any presets to make poorly exposed images into masterpieces. We tend to underexpose our images by a stop or two, depending on the light we are working with.

We are here to help if you still feel like you are struggling, so please feel free to email us with any questions you might have. If you are looking for a more in-depth conversation about editing, consider doing a mentor session as well. We can do an awesome screen sharing session and edit some of your images together to tweak and perfect our presets to your wants and needs.

We shoot on Canon 5D Mark IV's and Sony A9's using the 35mm f/1.4L, and the 135mm f/2.0L. 
Our presets are Lightroom & ACR compatible. All purchases are final and non-refundable due to being a digital download.





WLE COLOR1 is our main preset that has evolved and changed with us as we've grown as artists and we use it on the majority of our images. It adds contrast and warmth to our images as well as providing deep blacks, contrast, and brings back detail in the highlights of our images. We've found that with minor tweaks this preset works on all of our couple's skin tones and in any lighting situation.



WLE COLOR2 preset is what we will use to cool down the shadows of our images, it is a mixture of blue shadows and a slight pink tone, with muted highlights and deep blacks. This is a great preset to warm up with the temperature slider if you like warmer skin tones.



We have always been a huge fans of black and white images, we love the contrast between the deep blacks and the whitest whites. WLE BW1 is our main black and white preset that has more contrast to it, the blacks are going to be deeper and highlights are brighter.



WLE BW2 preset is more muted, the highlights are going to be more faded and though the blacks are deep they are going to be faded a little, as well as a slight bit of grain added. This preset is great for when you are looking for a little bit of a softer transition from darks to light and when you want that more muted highlight look to your images.