Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest milestones in your relationship together and we are here to help make sure that we are able to capture it perfectly with a few tips and recommendations for your wedding day. The first and fore most being to trust us, you chose us because you fell in love with something special in our images with how we see things, people, connections, and we want to give you exactly what you fell in love with in our work. Sometimes, the places we go, the things we do don't make sense, but behind the camera it can make magic, some of the most beautiful intimate images that not only show your day and how special it is, but also the incredible love that you share. So we kindly ask, from the bottom of our hearts let us take care of your memories, be inspired by the amazing location you choose for your day, breathe in the love that is wrapping around you on your day, and find the most beautiful light that we can to tell your story with. Truly, we adore you, and your day is one of the biggest moments in our lives too and though you might not realize it your day is just as special to us as our own wedding was.



Having the best team of professionals together to collaborate on your wedding day is a dream come true and makes an incredible day even better. We've worked with so many wedding professionals and here are just a few of our absolute favorite people and teams to collaborate with.



You fell in love with the images that you see on our site, and with the method behind how we capture wedding days, and the way we capture our couples. When it comes to hiring a videographer consider that we all have to collaborate with one another, there has to be a give and take when a photographer and videographer work together because we are both trying to capture the exact same moments with your best interest at heart, and while both staying true to our own personal styles. Just like a wedding photographer, a videographer should be an investment that is worth making if you want to have one to document your day.

So, here are a few things to talk to your potential videographer about that might help you understand if they are going to blend with our style of photography. Remember, we take a pretty hands off approach and stay true to the day as it is happening, so your videographer should want to be there to document the real moments, not create or recreate moments.   

• Ask if they recreate moments or just document the day as it unfolds.  

• Ask them how many team members they have, we have found when a videographer team has more than 2 members it becomes a struggle for us to do what we do with 3+ member teams.

• Ask them if for the ceremony they are ok with not setting up their tripod right in the middle of the aisle for the entire ceremony. That is the one area of your ceremony that will give us the best vantage point to capture all of those amazing moments, so if we are not able to utilize that space it will make capturing your ceremony that much more difficult. On top of asking about the aisle, ask if they set up in front of the the first row of guests. If they do ask them if they would be willing not to do so. It not only blocks your guests from enjoying your ceremony, but it also means that it limits the images that we are able to create because we will be unable to pull back and give a nice wide shot of your ceremony without getting them in our images.

• If you love the ambience of your venue space without the set up of additional lighting, ask your videographer if they use video lights or not. Some do and some don't, but if they set up video lights it will change how your venue space reads in the images and the ambience that you loved when visiting the space might not read the same when you get your images back.

We love that you are on board with giving us the creative control and openness we need to create the most stunning images of your wedding day, and we are so excited. However, the absolute worse thing you can do is then hire a videographer who is cheap and  traditional, directing the moments that you see happening in their films, stopping real moments just to recreate them over and over again. It will ruin the honest moments that we are able to capture and alters how we are able to capture your wedding day. 



Getting ready photos can truly be some of the most beautiful, intimate images taken on your wedding day. As the excitement builds, you have your favorite people surrounding you. This is the time that little moments happen. Hugs from your best friends, hand squeezes from loved ones, even tears of happiness, and joy might come out. We want to capture each of these moments literally in the most beautiful light possible and that inspires us and the images we will create for you.

Consider instead of renting a hotel room renting an Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway that is filled with huge windows and a ton of natural light. It will set up your getting ready photos for success and give us the opportunity to play with light in the best way and make your getting ready photos even more beautiful.

Though renting a hotel room is not a bad thing, and we've photographed in plenty of stunning hotels, we always suggest asking for a room that has the most windows for getting ready, you can never go wrong with more windows and the most optimal amount of light. This not only goes for the bride, but for the groom too, it's his special day as well and we'd love to have him getting ready in the best light too.

Have your hair and makeup people set up their stations near windows so we can use that beautiful natural light to capture you getting dolled up for your day. Not to mention, those little moments that will happen between you and your favorite people will be documented in some of the best light since they will be right around you as your hair and makeup happens.

Avoid downlighting if you can, nothing is more unflattering on your wedding day than downlighting. It can make your eyes go dark in a second and it is the first kind of light to highlight any and all flaws on anyone. If your space has downlighting but also has beautiful windows letting in awesome light turn off all of the lights, working with the window light only is something that makes our hearts beat faster and ignites our inspiration.

Have the people who matter most to you stay close to you while you are getting ready. They will not only keep you calm and stress free as you get ready, but having them with you means that we can capture some of the most intimate moments with them there in the moments of getting ready.

If you prefer to have your family members and bridesmaids dressed and not in their getting ready outfits while putting you into your dress ask them to be ready roughly 30 minutes before you are about to step into your dress. This gives plenty of time to fluff, fix, and get ready for your girls (or guys) without having to rush their getting ready process as well. This will also set you up for some timeline success and keep us on track.

Prepare for getting into your dress by choosing a space that is filled with light and cleared of the clutter of getting ready so when you step into that stunning dress the background is not distracting and overflowing with bras, food, luggage, or anything else to take away from such a special moment. If your getting ready location doesn't have the most ideal light or is feeling too cluttered opt for doing hair and make up as well as putting on that one of a kind dress made just for you outside soaked in the natural light with your favorite people. It might sound kind of odd, but in the right space it can be so beautiful and beyond relaxing to take in the fresh air with your friends and family while getting pampered and ready.

Gone are the days of overbearing traditions, if you are a non-traditional couple think about getting ready together. Nothing is more romantic and calming on a wedding day than having your best friend with you, putting you into one of the most beautiful outfits you will ever wear. It creates a space filled with love, emotions, and intimacy that you rarely get to see and memories you will never forget.



First looks are one of those things that either you know you want to do or you know you do not want to do. Though we do not prefer either way (first look vs. traditional) there are a great deal of benefits from doing a first look. One of the biggest benefits is that you get to enjoy more of your cocktail hour and being with your guests. We always highly suggest if you have a large number of out of town guest, a first look might be the best route so you can spend even more time with your loved ones. First looks also give us a lot more wiggle room in case things run late. Weddings are fluid events constantly moving and evolving as the day progresses because of this anything that runs late will take time away from your portrait time which means we aren't able to create the way we love. With a first look if things run late, and we have to move around photo time with our couple, bridal party, or family formals we have the time to do so. A first look also gives us more time to create and explore the spaces you have picked for your wedding day and portraits to take place in, giving the two of you more creative images and intimate portraiture when you receive your final images from us.

For your first look consider the location that you’d like to do it and the light during the time of day we will be doing your first look. If we are capturing this incredible moment at high noon opt for a location with a ton of open shade that will provide us with even lighting to capture all of the kisses, tears, and hugs of seeing each other for the first time. As much as we love to play with light, this moment is one that we love to have a clean space to capture in, even more so if we are collaborating side by side with a videographer.

Though a first look is not necessary, and again we do not prefer one way over the other, if you do choose to keep your wedding traditional we highly recommend having an extended cocktail hour of an hour and a half to two hours. Or having a gap between your ceremony and reception long enough to accommodate having family formals (30 mins.), full bridal party photos (30 mins.), and couple photos (1 hour). This also helps in the case that if anything runs late, which happens more often than not, we don't have to rush through any of these incredibly special images to get you to your reception on time.

Make sure to choose locations for your portraits that give us plenty of space to work with, if there is a park that you’d like to shoot at, but there is a festival or public event happening there the day of your wedding you might want to avoid that area for lack of space to shoot in. For the intimate images we create we love shooting in locations where the two of you can get lost in each other, rather than being distracted by any one passing by or strangers taking photos of the beautiful couple (yes that happens). We are always inspired greatly by the woods, getting lost in the deep dark greens that the woods provide makes us so incredibly happy. If we are shooting in the city choose locations that are filled with texture and colors over locations that are popular to shoot at. Nothing inspires us more in the city than shooting in areas off the beaten path, finding little gem locations that will inspire some amazing portraits of the two of you and your love.

Don’t be afraid to get your dress a little dirty for the best photos, no matter when you take photos your dress is going to get slightly dirty, there is nothing we can do to stop that. However, we will do the best we can to keep your dress as clean as we can. If you are doing your photos before the ceremony consider bustling your dress so the train stays up and off the ground and take it down before the ceremony. The more adventurous you are though the more creative and inspired we can get with the photos we create for the two of you. This means also considering the the kind of foot wear you are walking around in, depending on the hem of your dress consider bringing flats or boots with you so we can roam all over the place and create some beautiful art for the both of you.

We highly recommend to always make time for sunset portraits on your wedding day, work it into your schedule with us or with your wedding coordinator/planner because not only is this one of the most inspiring times of the day for us to create during, it gives the two of you time to just connect again after being pulled away from each other and greeting guests. It’s time for you to just breathe each other in, embrace and just enjoy a quiet moment together while we capture your love in the best quality of light we will get all day.



You’ve found the perfect ceremony spot, outside, under a gorgeous oak tree that towers over you and your guests and will make for the best photos of the two of you saying I do. Once you get to that moment the day of, the sun is at the point where it shades one of you and the other is in direct light, making for an awkward look for your ceremony images. The best way to avoid this is to visit your ceremony location during the time of day and year when you are planning to have your ceremony so you can see where the light will possibly fall. The best options for us to capture your ceremony in would be if everyone up front is in all direct light without anyone in shade, if the light is behind everyone giving a beautiful backlighting and glow to your vows, and lastly if everyone in open shade. Though we aren’t always able to be there when you are visiting your venue please feel free to email or text us photos of your locations and we will give you our honest thoughts on the light. We know that we see light in a different way and we are always here to help you in any way we can to make sure your images are the best that they can be.



This is a fact, grandma always finds a way of slipping away right after the ceremony before we start the family formal photos for some of that amazing cocktail hour food. Sadly, that means that she is not able to be captured in your family formal photos and this happens often with family members when it comes to this time of the day. We highly suggest telling everyone who you want to be in your family formals to stay back after the ceremony so they can be captured in some classic, simple and beautiful images showcasing just how special these people are to the two of you. Also, put a trusted family member or maid of honor and best man in charge of wrangling your family members and making sure that no one slips away since the two of you and your parents will be pulled in different directions, giving hugs to all of your guests. It makes this moment and these photos as stress free as possible and allows us to capture these photos that are so important as quickly as possible and with all of your loved ones present.




getting ready .........................................1pm

first look..................................................3pm


wedding party & family photos..........4:15pm


cocktail hour..............................................6pm



getting ready .........................................1pm

church ceremony....................................3pm

family and wedding party......................4pm


cocktail hour............................................6pm




Day after sessions are the perfect excuse to get all dolled up again and go out and take more portraits of the two of you in your wedding garb. It might sound kind of silly, but there are some really great benefits to doing a day after session. If you are a bride who is really worried about getting her dress dirty this is the perfect way not to worry. You can put that amazing dress back on and we can go out and create some stunning images for the two of you without the stress of your dress getting dirty before the ceremony. Also, if you would prefer to take your wedding day and have a minimal amount of portraits taken so you can spend the most time with your friends and family members, this is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too.

Day after sessions are amazing because we don't have the schedule looming over us and we can just slow down, and create some amazing portraits of the two of you in beautiful spaces with incredible light. It gives us the time to really devote to portraiture, and create some stunning images of just the two of you and your love.

Though it is called a day after session it doesn't have to happen the day after your wedding, you can do a day after session anytime after your wedding.



Gone are the days of those tacky boudoir photos in hotel rooms of the women wearing high heels and putting their g-string over the heel (yes that was a thing, google it). Boudoir sessions now are an empowering and beautiful way to express your beauty and strength in images not only for yourself but for your partner as well. You pick out outfits that you love and make you feel beautiful, anything from a bodysuit to some cozy knee high socks and an oversized sweater (it can be super sexy) to wearing nothing at all. Whatever makes you feel beautiful is what you can wear for your session. It is also great little surprise that your partner will never expect.


We are so incredibly excited to not only capture your love, but to tell your beautiful and unique love story. If you have any questions about planning your day, or need any advice at all we are always here for you, truly.

With Love, Jill & Ryan

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