PA Woodsy Elopement | Rebekah & Drew



"Tomorrow, mountains we will climb. Tonight, the stars and fire shine in our eyes. In the woods we're alive." - Josh Garrels 

Rebekah and Drew's Woodsy Pennsylvania elopement was at the beautiful Opossum Lake in Carlisle, PA. Even though this day was so cold, these two lovebirds schnuggled in close and let their love show through in the most beautiful way. We had such an amazing time with them, their friends, and their families. It is always such an honor to capture elopements, and be such a huge part of one of the most memorable days in their lives. We always view it as such an incredible opportunity!

There is just something about the woods in the fall that we are in love with. The leaves crunching, the colors, the wood smoke on the air it truly is heaven for us. We love the deep dark green of the woods in summer, but we will always be fall people. Thinking about coffee with the fall chill in the air and driving to an epic shooting location is already starting to set my heart a flutter.

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