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There is no better place for these product photos than Ladew Gardens. This place seriously felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere, but this topiary garden was so much fun for us. We are always looking for cool new spots to shoot, and when we stumbled upon this place on Atlas Obscura (one of our favorite websites ever!) we knew we just had to do a shoot there. Even though they said no professional photography!

We got so inspired by this location. One shot gave us total Wes Anderson vibes, and then another would feel like we were at a castle in England. There was just inspiration everywhere, and it was so rare for us to be able to take our time and photograph. We love weddings, but we would always love more time for photos, but that's just the way it is!

Also, I got to photograph the love of my life and business partner Jill. Seriously, I could gush for forever about how amazing she is (and she is!) It is so rare that we have photos taken of ourselves, which is funny because when Jill was first getting into photography I was her sole model! This really was an awesome day that we got to spend together, and I would love to do it all over again at the drop of a dime!

Our friends Fennec Design love the photos we take of their clothes, and we decided to make a fun little date day and photo shoot. Jill and I walked around these absolutely stunning gardens just taking photos, and it was just a great fun date!

Vendors for this beautiful day:
Fennec Design | Ladew Gardens

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