New York City Engagement Photos | Diane & Jack



Sometimes you just get perfect weather, and for Jack and Dianeโ€™s New York City engagement photos that is exactly what happened. We actually needed to reschedule this shoot on what would have been a super hot day that would have left everyone miserable, but sometimes the universe knows exactly what you need. When we got the shoot rescheduled the day was cool, and just perfect for a wonderful engagement shoot in Central Park.

There is something so weird about shooting in Central Park or at least we think there is. You see Central Park all the time on tv and in movies, but when you are there in person everything is real. It feels a little like you have stepped into a movie, and when you grew up watching Home Alone 2 and seeing all of those Central Park shots it just feels like you are in the movie. It would be like all of a sudden you were in Winterfell, but with less ice zombies.

New York always gives us these crazy fun ways to play with light. It has such a fun interplay of hard and soft, new and old, and city and nature. We can play with the dark greens, or we can use direct light, and we can always back light for that amazing glow. There is just something so great about New York City engagement photos. It doesnโ€™t even matter that the traffic up and down fifth is a nightmare, it is always totally and completely worth it!

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