Sarah & Freeman Pole Steeple Couples Session


sarah b photography

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." - Aristotle

It is not very often that we get the craziest mixture of hot weather and rain followed up by the most incredible sunset that we've ever seen all while capturing to souls who found each other and are truly meant to be in love. For Sarah and Freeman's Pole Steeple couples session that was exactly what we witnessed. This session was nothing short of pure magic wrapped in the arms of two incredible souls. To spend an evening with them while having all our hearts so wide open, and being able to create images of these two that show just how beautiful their love truly is means the world to us. The weather on this day was truly spectacular and in such an incredible location where Freeman had asked Sarah to marry him is simply breathtaking. This session was beyond magic and we feel so incredibly lucky to have made two incredible friends from it. You two are unbelievable in the best way possible.


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