Lauren & Matt Hershey Engagement Session


hershey pennsylvania engagement session

"As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people's ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."  - Amy Poehler

Last week we had the privilege and honor of hosting a few kind, inspiring, and talented souls in our home to talk shop, share hearts, and just learn from each other. Those two days were filled with so much love and openness we thought our hearts were going to explode. It has been some time since we felt such care and such complete transparency when it comes to the business we run and how we communicate with others in the same field and market. We've always had open hearts when it comes to what we do and how we work. We truly believe that photography, our passion, and the love that we share together as a couple provides us with a unique perspective on sessions and weddings that another photographer, or artist, cannot replicate even if given the same tools and that truly is the beauty of being an artist. We each bring our journey and what has made us into the people we are into our art, so even if you try to copy an image to a T it will never have the same heart and soul as the original. This is where our openness and love for other photographers truly comes from.

Our journey with photography, with building our business and becoming successful was one that we know many people have, but ours started off bumpy. We felt alone and sometimes lost. We had the taste level, the ideas, and the eye, but navigating the waters of running a business for the first time and trying to be better artists can ben difficult without a tribe and a community to call your own who you trust. It wasn't until we found a few artists who helped us, shaped us, and supported us with their true openness that we truly started to flourish and grow. To those people we are forever grateful, forever thankful and we will forever love. This is why we decided to host what we called Photography With Love, a small gathering of artists sharing their hearts openly and honestly. Bouncing ideas off of each other, sharing our struggles, and our success stories in hopes of building relationships with each other that can bring inspiration into our lives. From what we can see, it feels that it's been pretty great and beneficial, plus it makes our hearts feel so happy and so full to just give back the same kindness and love that others have shown us.

The last half of our day was to showcase how we personally capture couples with natural interaction, by setting a stage that allows a couple to truly open up and create an experience that they can look back on. Plus providing couples with images that truly show case the amazing love they share. We were so lucky to have the lovely Matt and Lauren from The More We See there to be our couple. As photographers we all spend so much time capturing the love of others, to be able to give back to Matt and Lauren images that show case the love they share is such a honor. They are so adorable we could just squeeze them. It feels like there is no bigger honor, or joy to be given than to be able to capture the likeness, love and joy of a couple, a wedding, a subject to forever freeze this point in time to be remembered forever. That is what photography is for us, and that is why we enter into all we do with our business, our tribe, and other artists with the most open hearts and arms that we can.

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