Kristin & JohnnyNew York City Engagement Session

 manhattan engagement photos

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” - EE Cummings

A few weekends ago we traveled for Kristin and Johnny's New York City engagement session. This was our first time meeting them in person at the spot of their first date, Elephant and Castle, in the West Village. A quiet little restaurant with a welcoming and warm atmosphere, the perfect place for first meetings and building relationships. We fell in love with them there, their personalities complimenting each other perfectly, existing together in love.

We walked around the city taking in some locations where the foundation of their relationship together was built, where their love grew and blossomed. Laughing and loving, exploring their love and our surroundings, capturing their smiles and quite moments in the midst of the chaos of the city.

We are so incredibly thankful for these two beautiful souls who found each other. Their ability to just exist in love while the world moves around them reminds us to just stop, and take in the moments and people we are given.