Jaime & AlecFriedman Farms Wedding

Friedman Farms Wedding Photography

Jaime and Alec’s day will always be a day in our lives that we will never forget, and probably not for the reasons that you might think. Their day was insanely amazing. So much love, joy, and passion was felt throughout their wedding, and capturing it was one of the many highlights of our past year. One of the biggest reasons why their day will always stick in our minds is because it’s the day we had to say goodbye to our dearly loved Lion-o. It was also the day we felt so welcomed and so loved by Jaime, Alec, and their guests at a wedding after such a hard experience.

Now it might seem odd to be mentioning this in a post about an amazing couple, who are gorgeous beyond words, but we went through something enormous hours before we showed up to their wedding, and our eyes were completely soaked with memories of love and feelings of pain, but we knew that we had to be there for these two. We had to be there for their day, their memories, their love, so we could forever preserve the essence of their wedding day and those who are dearest to their hearts. The pain that we felt so deep and so fresh, helped to bring perspective to the day, and To further allow us to see the real reason why we do photography and why it’s truly so important to us and all of our couples.

The thought that our lives, the lives of those we know and love, will forever be fleeting is truly something almost paralyzing to think about. But this very thought is why we’ve chosen to devote our lives to photography and why it brings us so much joy and love. Nothing is better than providing each of the people we capture with images that reflect everything that means the most to them, for a single day, in an anthology of images to look back on for years to come.

We’ve put all of our heart, passion, and love into our photography, and when we show up for a wedding we are preserving the essence of our couples and each of their guests to forever look back on. To be reminded of such a thing right before we walked into Jaime and Alec’s day was of course something so sad to experience, but was also a bit of a step back into reality and put us in a place mentally that prepared us to capture this as the amazing day and the true feelings and moments that would unwind in front of our lenses.

We couldn’t be more thankful to Jaime, Alec, and their guests for opening up their hearts to us that day for a Friedman Farms Pennsylvania wedding. To allow us to capture so much love and happiness, to be so welcoming and open; we are truly blessed to be able to do something that we believe in so much and that means the world to us. To be able to provide our couples with pieces of our hearts and share our love with them, there couldn’t be anything better and we could never imagine our lives any other way.

Ceremony & Reception Location: Friedman Farms, Dallas Pennsylvania | Dress: Anna Campbell | Hair Stylist: Jaime Senofonte | Makeup: Jaida Spa | Cake Artist: Fire and Ice | Florist: Mayflower Florist | DJ: Ryan Schofield