Elicia & Ronnie | Snæfellsnes Iceland Elopement Photography

“Somewhere in her smile she knows. That I don’t need no other lover. Something in her style that shows me. Don’t want to leave her now. You know I believe and how”   -The Beatles

As I close my eyes and take a deep breathe in, I’m taken back to a land, a land where the sky is so blue and the air feels so freeing on my skin. I’m transported to a country that is wild and truly authentic that strangely enough, feels like home. A land where time slows down and adventuring never ends. I’m taken back to Iceland. This beautiful country where we left tiny pieces of our hearts as we traveled across it in our camper van (read more about there here).

Even in our wildest dreams we never dreamt of an adventure as unique and intimate as Elicia and Ronnie’s elopement. To travel to a new and far away land, to capture two people as deeply and madly in love as these two was such a huge honor that we are forever thankful and grateful to have been given it. We shared in a truly amazing day with Elicia and Ronnie that was just theirs, from their beautiful and intimate vows that made all of us cry, to the openness with their love during our portrait time. They made their day about them, and they made it so personal and a true complete vision of their love, in this wild land that feels so big yet so small all at the same time.

Elicia and Ronnie are some of the truest, most heartfelt, and beautiful people we’ve had the opportunity to not only capture, but to be able to call our friends. Traveling with them and capturing their day, their love, and their joy was pure magic. There will always be a special imprint on our hearts from this journey together, and from these two and how amazing they are.

Elicia and Ronnie’s elopement is a combination of digital and medium format film photography processed at Richard Photo Lab.

Elicia and Ronnie’s elopement was also featured on Junebug Weddings here: Snæfellsnes Iceland Elopement Photography.

Officiant – Gunnhildur B.  |  Hair and Makeup Design – Gunnhildur B. Make Up Artist  |  Wedding Dress – Leanne Marshall via The Sentimentalist  |  Groom’s Apparel – J.Crew