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Over a year ago we had the amazing opportunity to meet and photograph the adorable Chelsea & Joe, on a whim they had contacted us when we put out a search to photograph a couple for fun. We hit it off with them right away, laughing together and getting to know each other, along with capturing the love they share. Little did we know, a year later, Joe would send us an amazing email to get us in on his plan to propose to Chelsea at an adorable Christmas Tree farm in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We were in, with no hesitation, we love these two so much that capturing this chapter in their relationship was a huge honor and capturing their amazing wedding in 2016 is going to be a blast. We feel that Joe and Chelsea hold a beautiful perspective on the anticipation of proposing, being proposed to, and the emotions they felt, enjoy!


From Joe: As the summer ended, I was about to make the final payment on the ring I had customized just for her. However, I had secretly wanted someone to go with me when I went to pick up the ring. Unbeknownst to him, that person was Chelsea’s father. I invited him for a car ride, a car ride that neither one of us will ever forget. I told him that I loved her, his daughter, and that I planned to spend the rest of my life making her smile. I asked for his blessing and promised to always be there for her and for family. After smiles and laughs, he asked where exactly we were going. I pulled into the parking lot of the jewelry store and told him I had something to show him. The look on his face, the smile which appeared, a memory I will never forget, accompanied by nothing but “Thank you, Joe.”

A month before the proposal, I told Chelsea’s parents and our close friend Alex and John about my idea. The proposal would take place as we cut down our first Christmas tree together. I would custom laser cut letters spelling out “Will You Marry Me” and have the hanging on a tree at the tree farm, like Christmas ornaments. They loved it! I contacted Jillian at With Love and Embers, and told her of my idea. Chelsea had introduced me to her and Ryan previously, and I knew they would be the perfect duo to capture the moment. She immediately agreed. I picked an unforgettable date to do it (12-13-14). We were set.

The weekend finally came, after weeks of dodging questions regarding why we haven’t cut down a tree yet and Chelsea doubting if we actually would. We woke up early Saturday morning to go get our first Christmas tree together. As we pulled up to Tri-Color Tree Farm, in West Chester, PA, we were greeted by three gentlemen who eagerly awaited our presence…I mean, no, I had never seen them before. They asked us carefully rehearsed…I mean genuine questions regarding the height and species of tree we were interested in. They politely showed us in the direction of where we could find said trees.

As we passed 100s of trees that clearly fit the description of tree I said I was looking for, I sensed Chelsea starting to wonder where we were going. And then, I saw my cue: a carefully knotted red ribbon, tied close to our tree. I pulled Chelsea into the row and we began to walk through the trees. And then, she saw it. She immediately turned to me, with the most amazing smile on her face. Jillian and Ryan made their way out of their hiding spots and began taking pictures, capturing every special moment of the proposal. I grabbed both of her hands and told her words I had rehearsed in my head for weeks, culminating in the same 4 words I had delicately placed on the tree: Will you marry me?


From Chelsea: There seemed to be no one at the farm as we started walking. It was eerily quiet and desolate. The trek was long and I just couldn’t fathom why we were passing by plenty of beautiful trees. Finally, Joe found just the right spot. He pulled me into an opening between the trees and gave me a little nudge to lead the way.

I turned around and saw beautiful wood letters hanging as ornaments would from our Christmas tree. The letters spelled out: “Will you marry me.” Joe started talking – I wish I could remember all of what he said, but it was all a blur. He knelt down and pulled out a beautiful rose gold engagement ring.

I don’t know what was best about this moment – that my best friend was proposing to me after two amazing years together or that the ever so perfect With Love and Embers emerged from surrounding trees. This husband and wife duo drove an hour and a half to photograph our special day AND stood out in the freezing cold to wait for us to arrive. For OVER AN HOUR. Those are some quality people.

The day could not have gone more perfectly. All of Joe’s hard work and dedication to making this moment perfect for me (for us) was more than I could have hoped for.

Chelsea & Joe’s Christmas Tree Proposal, Philadelphia PA was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes, here.

Location: Tricolor Farm in Downingtown, Pennsylvania


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