How many weddings do you photograph per year?


We photograph between 25-30 weddings per year. For us, this is our sweet spot. This is the number of weddings that we feel confident in capturing and still making sure we give our couples all of our hearts when it comes to communications and putting our all into their images.


How long have you been doing this for?


We have been photographing weddings for ten years together. We’ve been so incredibly lucky to have photographed over 300 weddings which we feel makes us experts on not only documenting incredible moments but in helping each of our couples along the way. We think fast on our feet, and whenever an issue arises, we are prepared to take care of it asap so you can go back to living your best wedding life.


Where are you located?


We are located in Annville, PA. However, we LOVE traveling for weddings, elopements, and sessions. We've already been to Austria, New Zealand, California, Oregon, Iceland, and a few other places to capture some incredible love stories and we'd love to see more beautiful places and tell more incredible love stories in those spaces.


You're a husband and wife team, do you ever shoot separately?


NEVER! We are not only incredibly passionate about photography, weddings, and sessions; we are also incredibly passionate about each other! We see things differently, and we get inspired by different aspects of our couple's love and their wedding day, so we never split up to photograph weddings or sessions on our own. Even if we have two incredible couples inquire for the same day, trust us, it's happened. We just know what we need to create the work we love and it is being together that does that.


How many final images will we receive?


We hate putting a final number on anything, and we always provide more than enough images for everything that we capture. We will never hold back any images from you to meet a specific number or to make you pay for additional images. We truly believe in giving you all of the images that tell your love story in the best way possible so that 30 years from your wedding day you can still look back at your images and instantly be transported back to exactly how you felt and all of the amazing moments that you had. For those of you who love a number, however, roughly we give over 800 images for weddings and over 100 images for sessions, all edited in color and black and white.


What is your turnaround time?


For us, we truly want to finish your images the exact way that we saw them when we captured the moment. Since it is only the two of us, and Jill does all of the editing, that takes some time. So, for weddings, our turnaround time is about 12 weeks, and sessions are about 6 weeks. However, we do work hard to turn around your images as quickly as possible without sacrificing the final quality.


Can we see or purchase the RAW unedited images?


Nope. For us, the editing truly finishes the images and gives them the look and feel that you hired us for. We will never skimp on the images that we provide you with.


How do payments work?


We require a $1500 non-refundable deposit to hold your date, and the remaining balance is due one month before your wedding. You are welcome to send in multiple payments if you would like, whatever is easiest for you works for us.


Will you photoshop our images?


We truly believe, from the bottom of our hearts, that you, your loved one, and the love you share is the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet. You do not need to be photoshopped to look thinner, or have your skin look like a plastic doll. We want to give you images that truly represent exactly who you are and the love that you share, and for us, this is not photoshopping our images. However, if you have a breakout on your wedding day we will gladly edit that out of your images, or anything else that is not a permanent part of who you are.


Will you help us with the planning process?


We always tell our couples that we are an unlimited resource for you, and we truly mean that! We photograph weddings almost every weekend, and we have a unique perspective on their inner workings. So we are always here to lend any advice that we can or refer you to some kick-ass vendors. Also, about two months before your wedding Ryan will set up a phone call with you to walk through your wedding day and what time everything needs to happen, but we could always make this happen earlier if it was more helpful.


Do you offer any discounts?