December 19, 2018 | Lancaster, PA

We are so excited to offer this!!! We love teaching and helping other photographers so much and now to be able to team up with Tara from Splints & Daisies (our best bud) to offer a florist and photographer mini workshop is such a dream come true! If you are looking to start your 2019 off on the right foot this is the place for you!


Tara will be creating a beautiful instillation in the dreamiest of dreamy Mid- Century homes. Florists, you will be able to come in and join Tara as she sets up to see how the magic happens and how she creates these insane instillations! She is truly the master of her art and never ceases to amaze anyone who has the opportunity to witness her pure and unadulterated creativity. Then, hang out with her afterwards to ask any additional questions you might have. Space is extremely limited to only 4 florists for this portion. The total cost will be $225 per person and will be non-refundable if you are unable to show up.


This is open to photographers of all skill sets from beginners to pros who just need a new perspective. We are here for you! We are your no bullshit just total honest truth kind of people. So, we will be here to help in any way you would like; ask questions on anything and everything you would like to know from how to use your camera, lighting, working with couples, editing, our business model, and anything else you can think of we are an open book!

This will be open to only 4 photographers to shoot and create with our help and knowledge. After we are finished shooting you are welcome you to stay and hang out and we will do a little final question and answer session so, if we didn’t cover something this would be the time to ask your additional questions. The total cost will be $225 per person and will be non-refundable if you are unable to show up.



8:30 AM

Tara does set up
Florist Join Us

11:00 AM
Final Q&A with Tara after she finishes

11:00 PM
Jill & Ryan Shoot
Photographers Join Us

12:00 PM
Final photographer Q&A

1:00 PM
You don’t have to go home
but you can’t stay here ;)