Michele & Greg | New York City, NY Engagement Session


You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. - Sam Keen

Grand Central Station in New York City is a place where you can literally watch love grow. Couples come to pick up loved ones and go to drop them off. You can witness the most loving embraces as well as the most heartfelt good byes. It's a location that helped grow, nurture, and evolve Michele and Greg's relationship. For Michele and Greg's New York City engagement session we talked about locations in the city that might be meaningful to the two of them and Grand Central Station was perfect start to their session. It is the location where Greg would come to from Massachusetts to see Michele almost every weekend. He'd visit her and she'd find herself searching through the crowd for his Marine Corps backpack, and once finally spotting it she'd be filled with so much happiness and love. However, there was always sad good byes after a wonderful weekend in the city where she would watch him walk to his train until she could no longer see him.

It was the perfect location to start their session, a location that held so much happiness for these two, where their relationship was built, and now where they were taking the next steps to become husband and wife. We hit it off with these two the first time we had the chance to Skype with them, and their session was no different. We grabbed drinks in the city, and catching up was like spending time with old friends.

We loved walking around the city, capturing their love as we laughed so hard our faces hurt, loved so openly it literally brought tears to our eyes, and just basked in the love these two share and gave us the privilege of capturing. It was one of our favorite times in the city and it was all because of these two, and just how adorable they are together. Their winter wedding in Connecticut is going to be just amazing!