With Love and Embers Wedding Packaging

 “The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.”  -Unknown

For well over a year now we’ve been working on, putting our hearts into, and fine tuning our brand to be everything in our hearts we know it can be. We want every aspect of our photography, our art, to be an extension of both of us, and our hearts combined. Every time we pick up our cameras to create an image, whether it is on a wedding day or in our personal lives, we are capturing a moment in time and what our eyes and hearts are drawing us towards. When it came time to decide on how we present our final images to each of our couples we wanted to make it perfect, not only for us but also for our couples. We wanted it to feel like our couples were receiving something genuinely special. We wanted them to receive the gift of memory and a small piece of who we are as artists. Over the past year we’ve really explored who we are, not only as a couple, but as individuals and each part we play in our business that we’ve built out of love, passion, and connection. Our packaging is the end result of what we’ve come up with, who we are, and what we want to leave each of our beautiful couples with. A small token of our appreciation and love for their day and their memories captured.

We are truly forever grateful to Ravyn from Three Fifteen Design. Her hard work and dedication to making our brand exactly what we wanted it to be really brought our vision and love for what we do to life. We know that pulling ideas from people and creating something that is a true representation of the artists behind the brand can be truly challenging, but Ravyn did the most amazing job communicating with us, and bringing what was in our hearts to life, and making our brand everything we wanted it to be: simple, clean, and us.

Here is just a little glimpse into us, our love, our passion, and how we always want our couples to remember their wedding day with us. Enjoy.

With Love and Embers Wedding Packaging // Branding by: Three Fifteen Design | Screen Printing by: Fennec Design